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Restoring Strength, Rebuilding Lives, Advanced Trauma Care
For Complex Bone Fractures

Experience unparalleled care for complex bone fractures under the expertise of Dr. Shohab. Our trauma services are designed to provide comprehensive solutions, ensuring a path to recovery and renewed vitality.

Advanced Care for
Complex Bone Fractures

Explore Dr. Shohab’s comprehensive approach to managing complex bone fractures, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and Customized strategies for Ideal recovery.

Diagnostic Precision

Meticulous assessment techniques to accurately diagnose the severity of complex fractures.

Surgical Solutions

Tailored surgical interventions, ranging from internal fixation to reconstructive procedures.

Rehabilitation Strategies

Personalized postoperative rehabilitation plans to restore function, strength, and mobility.

Key Features

Expert Surgical Procedures

Our team specializes in detailed and skilled interventions for a range of hip and knee Joint diseases and problems.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Experience care tailored to your unique needs, ensuring the most effective and individualized approach.

Joint Functionality Optimization

We prioritize restoring and optimizing joint functionality while alleviating pain to enhance your overall quality of life.

Before And After Gallery

Witness the success stories through our Before and After Gallery. These images showcase the transformative impact of our surgical interventions on hip and knee conditions, providing a visual testament to the efficacy of our services.

FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)

The severity of a complex bone fracture is assessed through imaging studies like X-rays and CT scans, helping determine the extent of the fracture and the most suitable treatment approach.
Surgical options for complex fractures include internal fixation methods, external fixation, and reconstructive procedures, tailored to the specific nature of the fracture.
The recovery timeline for complex fracture surgeries varies, but patients often experience gradual improvement in mobility and function over several weeks to months.
Non-surgical methods may be considered for certain complex fractures, depending on factors such as the location and stability of the fracture. Your surgeon will determine the most suitable approach.

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Our Expertise

At our Orthopaedic clinic, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your unique Orthopaedic needs. Dr. Shohab Hyder Shaikh and our dedicated team are committed to provide personalized and advanced care to enhance your Orthopaedic well-being.

Hip & Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

Experience precision and expertise in hip & knee joint replacement surgeries, including total joint replacement and arthroplasty.

Regenerative Therapies

Explore innovative regenerative treatments designed to stimulate healing and accelerate recovery.

Arthroscopy (Keyhole Surgery)

Benefit from minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of joint-related issues.

Sports Injuries Management

Receive specialized care for sports-related injuries, ranging from fractures to ligament and tendon issues.

Complex Bone Fractures (Trauma)

Trust in our experience in managing complex bone fractures resulting from trauma. Dr. Shohab employs advanced techniques.

Musculoskeletal Solutions

Holistic approach to Musculoskeletal health, a spectrum of conditions affecting muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons.